The Julie Andrews Collection

The Julie Andrews Collection

The Very Fairy Princess


by Julie Andrews & Emma Walton Hamilton

New York Times Bestseller!

Do you believe in fairies?

Geraldine does… And though her family and friends don’t believe her, Gerry knows for certain that she is one.

In fact, she is a

From morning to night, Gerry does everything that fairy princesses do: she dresses in royal attire and practices her flying skills, and she is always on the lookout for problems to solve. But it isn’t all pink and proper — as every real-life fairy princess knows, dirty fingernails and scabby knees are the price you pay for a perfect day!

From the bestselling mother-daughter team Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton comes a joyful new story about believing in yourself and sharing your unique inner sparkle.

Illustrated by Christine Davenier.

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. May, 2010.

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