The Julie Andrews Collection

The Julie Andrews Collection

Just Write For Kids

How to Write A Picture Book CourseI have terrific news!

But first – let me ask you a question:

*Have you ever dreamed of writing a children’s book?

*Do you have an idea for a story but don’t know where to start?

*Have you written a book, but don’t know what the next step should be?

*Would you like to join the multi-million dollar children’s book industry, but have no idea how?

Perhaps you know me as the author of many best-selling children’s books written in partnership with my mother, Julie Andrews.

I’m also a writing teacher, Director of the Southampton Children’s Literature Conference, and a freelance editor – as well as being Editorial Director for the Julie Andrews Collection publishing program.

I know first-hand how many aspiring authors dream of breaking in to the children’s book market but are stumped as to how to do so.

I want to help you make your dream of writing children’s books come true!


Just Write for Kids!

A Unique Home-Study Course in Writing Picture Books for Children

Whether you are starting from scratch, have an idea for a book in mind or already have a manuscript in progress, this 8-week course will turn your dream into reality. Each week, you will receive a specific lesson in writing and editing your picture book, with corresponding assignments and worksheets.

In just 8 weeks, you will have a completed manuscript in hand, ready to submit to agents and publishers and all from the comfort of your own home!

Within 8 weeks, you will…

  • Learn the fundamental aspects of writing for children, including:
    • How and where to find idea’How to develop characters, map a plot and identify themes
    • How to write engaging narrative, effective dialogue, and successful beginnings, middles and endings
    • How to deal with issues like anthropomorphism, verse vs. prose and word play
    • How to edit your manuscript
  • Master the language and understand the standards of today’s children’s book market
  • Write a complete, submission-worthy picture-book manuscript,
  • Be on your way to submitting your manuscript to agents and and publisher

Learn more at Just Write For Kids.

Joyful reading experiences are among the most important gifts we can give our children – and the children’s book market needs a fresh influx of quality books every year.

Now you can join the rewarding children’s literature business and touch the hearts and minds of the next generation.

Take the first step toward making your dream come true TODAY!

Go to Just Write For Kids!

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