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The Tiger’s Egg: The Wednesday Tales No. 2

Jon Berkeley’s second novel in The Wednesday Tales continues the fantastical and often comical story of Miles Wednesday, as he sets forth on another strange adventure in pursuit of the truth.

Jon Berkeley

Jon Berkeley was born in Dublin at a time when suits were collarless and there were no bootprints on the moon. He was educated by stern men with elbow patches, in a school where you were allowed to go to the bathroom only if you asked in Irish. Jon has worked as a freelance illustrator for over twenty years and has turned more recently to writing. He is the author and illustrator of chopsticks, a story about the friendship between a mouse and a dragon, and has illustrated several books by other authors. Jon has lived and worked in Sydney, Hong Kong, London, and Dublin and now lives in a small town in Catalonia with his wife, Orna, and their five children, along with one dog and an expanding population of cats. He is the author of The Palace of Laughter and The Tiger’s Egg. For more information, visit


When the Circus Bolsillo lands in Larde, orphan Miles Wednesday and his angel-friend Little join its wondrous and chaotic show. They soon fall in with Doctor Tau-Tau, a mysterious and bumbling fortune-teller who once knew Miles’s parents and claims Miles’s father is very much alive. Miles sets out in secret with Doctor Tau-Tau, but to his surprise the search for his father quickly turns into a hunt for a much coveted and powerful Tiger’s Egg—a stone fabled to contain the soul of a tiger. No one knows its true whereabouts, and as Miles and Little begin to puzzle the bits together, they uncover its curious connection to Miles’s parents. Could the Egg be the key to the secrets of Miles’s own past?

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