The Julie Andrews Collection

The Julie Andrews Collection

Theater Resources

Internet Broadway Database archive is the official database for Broadway theatre information. IBDB provides records of productions from the beginnings of New York theatre until today. Details include pertinent people involved as well as interesting facts and production statistics.

The Playbill – News, features, performance listings for Broadway, Off-Broadway, London and Regional theatre, plus clubs, insider info, references and chat.

Theater Mania – Comprehensive listings, news, reviews, interviews, video content and online ticketing for Broadway, Off-Broadway, Off-Off-Broadway and theater nationwide. – Complete editorial coverage of theater, including the latest news, interviews with actors and playwrights, opening-night coverage, original theater reviews and video features. Also offers current box office results, show synopses, credits and biographies and an in-depth Tony Awards® area.

Music Theatre International licenses Broadway, Off-Broadway and West End musicals. This site contains detailed information on the musicals, revues and youth theatre works MTI represents, including cast size, orchestral instrumentation, act and scene breakdowns, production histories, cast album information and study guides. They also offer The Broadway Junior Collection – condensed, author-approved versions of classic musicals with interdisciplinary teaching tools and orchestral performance CD’s.

The Rogers & Hammerstein Organization – represents a wide variety of entertainment copyrights, through its theatrical, concert and music publishing divisions, including the works of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, Irving Berlin, Lorenz Hart, Jerome Kern, Kurt Weill, Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber, and others.

Tams-Witmark Music Library – The third major licensing organization, Tams-Witmark licenses the rights to perform many Broadway shows including A CHORUS LINE, BYE BYE BIRDIE, WIZARD OF OZ, CHARLIE BROWN, OLIVER, HELLO DOLLY, MY FAIR LADY, CABARET, GYPSY and BRIGADOON, among others. All of their shows may be performed with just solo piano accompaniment, using specially prepared piano-conductor’s scores or with standard Broadway orchestral arrangements.

Theater Crafts (dot) com – A great resource for practical information and advice about technical theatre techniques for theatre folk at any level. The site offers the ‘world’s biggest theater glossary’, as well as web links to theater resources, providers, and information all over the world.

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