The Julie Andrews Collection

The Julie Andrews Collection

Mandy (1989)


by Julie Andrews Edwards

Ten-year-old Mandy feels lost among the thirty children who live in the old stone orphange. She dreams of a home of her own, a place where she belongs. When Mandy climbs over the high orphanage wall to explore the outside, she is lucky enough to find a tiny deserted cottage hidden in the forest. With a few “borrowed” items, the cottage becomes a refuge. To guard her secret, Mandy even lies — but when she falls terribly sick, no one knows where she is. No one, that is, except for a special admirer she didn’t know she had.

Julie Andrews Edwards’ first novel, originally published in 1971, is a heartwarming story that has been likened to such classics as “The Secret Garden” and “A Little Princess.”

Note from Julie:

“In the summer of 1968, my husband and I were making a film on an old estate in Ireland. The great manor house was enclosed within thick walls and had its own stables, kennels, dairy, cemetery, vegetable gardens, and bird sanctuary, plus a lake with a weir and glorious beech woods with abundant wildlife. There were also several small cottages on the property, including one decorated entirely with seashells. The moment I saw it, the seed of a story lodged in my mind. Sometime later, I was playing a game with our children. I lost and had to pay a forfeit to our eldest daughter, Jennifer. What should my forfeit be? ‘Easy! Write me a story,’ Jenny replied. I thought to dash off a couple of paragraphs – but the image of that shell cottage came back to haunt me, and thus ‘Mandy” began. Two years later it became my first published work. It’s hard to believe that ‘Mandy’ is now celebrating its 35th anniversary. I enjoyed writing it so much, never imagining the rewards that would come from that one magical summer.”


For every child who has fallen in love with The Secret Garden or A Little Princess, Julie Andrews Edwards’s 1971 novel will be a heartwarming discovery. Any sometimes-lonely child with a giant imagination will recognize Mandy’s dreams and rejoice in her ultimate fairy-tale happy ending. Judith Gwyn Brown’s Edward Gorey-esque pen and ink drawings (with none of Gorey’s sinister air) are quietly memorable.” –

“Beautifully written, sensitive. A joyous novel.” – Language Arts

Reader Reviews:

“(MANDY) is a delightful story so easy to read and very believable that I found it hard to put down…This is indeed a special little book for a special child” -Diane (Auckland, New Zealand)

“I bought this book to share with my grandchildren and I was so enchanted with the story that I read it in one sitting. The message of taking control of your own happiness and learning to trust others is powerful. I love the way the author wove the serenity of the animals and flowers throughout the story. I could almost smell the flowers!…Thanks for a great afternoon in England!” -Nancy (Utah)

By Julie Andrews Edwards.


Publisher: HarperCollins
Paperback ISBN:0064402967 – April 4, 1989 (All day)

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