The Julie Andrews Collection

The Julie Andrews Collection

Little Kisses

by Jolie Jones

by Jolie Jones

Meet Bejinhos.

Bejinhos means “little kisses.” Little Kisses and Jolie like to go on walks up to the village and down to the bluffs so they can see all their friends.

Jolie reminds Little Kisses never to accept treats from strangers, to cross the street carefully, and to stay in the yard. Can Little Kisses remember that those are the rules?

Jolie Jones and Julie Downing create a tender, heartwarming story that honors the loving relationship between a young child and her very best friend with fur.

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Note from Julie:

Jolie Jones is the sort of person who lights up a room. Daughter of the extraordinary Quincy Jones, Jolie has an effervescent spirit and literally bubbles over with ideas -songs, stories, television shows. By her side at all times is Bejinhos, a Tibetan Terrier with a sweet countenance and the softest fur imaginable. He seems to understand every word “his Jolie” says. So it was with great interest and enthusiasm that we received Jolie’s first manuscript for young readers. With enchanting illustrations by Julie Downing, this lovable character and his adorable mistress remind us all of the powerful bond we share with our canine companions.


“Little Kisses is a wonderful, warm story about a young girl who lovingly cares for her adorable dog, protecting and guiding him. This is a delightful book, with a strong positive message for growing children.” Dr. Alain Poussaint, Child Psychologist

“The sweetest book I have read in years. When you read it, it will make you smile.” – Maya Angelou

“A story to smile at. Eye-catching, cuddly watercolor illustrations capture the pup’s adoring enthusiasm… readers will want to take him home.” School Library Journal

By Jolie Jones.

Illustrated by Julie Downing.


Publisher: HarperCollins
Hardcove ISBN:0060586982 – December 1, 2005 (All day)

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