The Julie Andrews Collection

The Julie Andrews Collection

Dragon Hound of Honor

by Julie Andrews Edwards & Emma Walton Hamilton

In the noble and dangerous times of medieval France, the young knight Aubrey de Montdidier, nephew of the Count of Montargis, has been strangely murdered. His friend the brave Sieur DeNarsac, captain of the count’s men-at-arms, and Thierry, a young page, must now solve the tragic mystery. Yet it is a magnificent white wolfhound by the name of Dragon — Montdidier’s faithful companion — who brings an unexpected, shocking conclusion to the puzzle of his master’s untimely death.

New York Times best-selling authors Julie Andrews Edwards and Emma Walton Hamilton weave a tapestry of intrigue, power, loyalty, and friendship in this novel based on the captivating French legend of Montargis.

Note from Julie:

As with many of our books, DRAGON was inspired by a chance reference. I was looking in Benet’s Readers Encyclopedia when I spotted an intriguing entry. It said: “Montargis, Dog of – (Emma to supply actual quote here…)”

Emma and I felt sure that someone must have already written about such an extraordinary act of canine heroism. But other than a few essays, some historical references and an obscure French play, it seemed the story had gone by the wayside.

We set about our task with fervor. There weren’t many more facts to be gleaned than those given, so we relied on our imaginations for motive and characters – and in order to be true to the period, we did a tremendous amount of research. We had so much to learn… what did people eat, what did they wear, how did they speak, what was their armor like? It was a proud day when I visited a museum in Chicago and, finding a display of armor from the middle ages, was able to recognize which piece was German, which English, which Italian. Later, on a visit to France, I went to the Louvre and was shown the unearthed moat that once surrounded the old palace: a visual confirmation of what we had been writing about. It was thrilling!

To our delight and surprise, we subsequently learned that several things we imagined about the story were in fact true. Emma and I had a ball with this project. We are both dog lovers, but this is more than just a dog’s tale – it also celebrates the courage of the human heart.


“Well researched and presented in a manner that is both lyrical and thrilling… the heroics of the knights and of Dragon are exciting… a glossary and a family tree aid in understanding. A well-done historical novel with an exciting mystery that will hold the attention of middle-grade readers.– School Library Journal

By Julie Andrews Edwards and Emma Walton Hamilton.



Publisher: HarperCollins
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